‎A Tete-A-Tete With The Headhunters Of Longwa‬

Headhunters? Frightening? Human Skulls hanging freely at the entrance of the house? Tattoo smeared faces? A house wherein people dine in Myanmar and sleep in India? A village where people actually hold dual citizenship? Sounds intriguing? Well, it certainly was!


Hang on! There was more to come. A frightening memorable greet from a Gunman with his gun pointing towards me as I got out of the shared cab after almost 8 hours of an adventurous ride covering 100 kms through boulders, muddy stretches, slippery turns, wooden shaky bridges and untamed forests. His angry utterance in the Nagamese dialect (which I couldn’t understand) was sufficient enough to force me to raise my arms in the air, surrender duly and follow him onto a dark room in the Angh (Village Chief)’s house over the ridge...

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Ever figured out what kind of a traveller you are? Would you prefer the adventure bit or the cultural flavour or a spiritual upliftment or an amalgamation of all of them?


Let us explore the Adventure Traveller today. He/She is one who has a specialized skill and exerts oneself physically to explore with a perceived and/or actual risk. The exploration could be in terms of a physical activity or a cultural exchange or may be even an engagement with nature. The motivation is in terms of achieving a mental state characterized by a rush or flow resulting from stepping out of one’s comfort zone. This could be from experiencing a culture shock or through performance of some acts that require significant efforts and lot of risk including danger to life! Examples could be of Bikers, Trekkers, Mountaineers, Bungee Jumpers as well as of people who are into Canoeing, Rafting, Paragliding, Caving, Rock climbing and so on.

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Ram Jhula, Rishikesh

Ram Jhula, Rishikesh

The last post spelled out the general checklist for consolidating a Travel Kit. Travelling is a boon, but it can be a bane with heavy baggage. Hence, it is advised to travel light with an optimized kit. Here are some tips from my experience so far:

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The last post talked about the different stages of a Traveller in the Travel Hierarchy Pyramid – helping to gauge your stage in the latter. Did it excite you to experience a nomadic lifestyle atleast once in your lifetime – may be a brief one? Thinking about the baggage? Whilst, I firmly believe that the most memorable travels are the unplanned ones but when it comes to the baggage part – it makes sense to plan it. For who wants to be the beast of burden – the lighter the baggage, the buoyant is the mood. The cardinal thumb rule whilst travelling happens to be the Minimalistic Philosophy – carrying only what is needed sans any extra stuff [all-in-all baggage ought not to weigh more than 45 lbs (20 kgs)].

Well, let us then consolidate a general Travel Kit assuming you have decided upon a brief sojourn. Whether you are an adventure

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traveller maslow

So you wanna travel, unravel and explore the world? Be a Nomad – visit monuments and sanctuaries, feel nature, appreciate wildlife, get deep into culture, traditions and customs, understand varied mindsets, click selfies and create lifelong memories all along the journey! And why not? Travel is but one of the top do’s in the checklist of the life of an individual; even more so in the age of social media, where it probably, is the newest fad everywhere in tinsel town!

But even before we decide to pack our bags, do we actually understand what is travelling?  What are the different stages of being a Traveller?

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