Love Travel? Offbeat Photos and Videos? Nomadic Tales? Captivating Talks?
Well, have chosen ‘PrakashVaani’ to be my pen name as well as a platform to share stories (Photos, Videos, Quotes, Tales, Poems and a lot of other literary stuff)!

In Sanskrit language, the words ‘Prakash’ and ‘Vaani’ mean Light and Voice respectively – thereby translating ‘PrakashVaani’ in entirety as “TheVoiceOfLight”! Whilst the light (Prakash) helps us to see this beautiful world, its voice (Vaani), ensures we feel the same! On similar lines, PrakashVaani is a literary manifestation of my travels across India – the way I have seen it and felt from within. It owes its genesis and the driving force to the word ‘light’ as in the below line from a motif diary gifted to me by a wonderful persona:

“And on that day God said, Let there be Prakash (Light)”!


For almost a decade, I trotted the beaten track. B.Tech, then MBA followed by coveted roles in MNC Banks. A glance at the surface depicted everything hunky-dory. But deep down, there were umpteen ripples of turbulence; ones that were slowly tearing me apart – piecemeal by piecemeal. And then as would happen, the turbulence raised up to the neck level. A level I couldn’t tolerate anymore; eventually forcing me to bid adieu to the glam of the corporate world!

What next – Startup or Artistry or some meaningful role? A bit of self- introspection yielded that in reality, I was searching for something – one that was unknown but would gift me with ‘The Joy of Life’. What was that ‘Unknown’? Finally, in the mist of haziness all around, I decided to travel across India hoping to find my true calling along the journey. The exploration started with an ashram in the Himalayan foothills only to evolve along the length and breadth of this incredible country. The unique aspect – it was almost solounplanned and hitchhiked in several phases – covering the spiritual, adventure, wildlife, nature, religion, heritage treasures of India! Clearly, by now, I had graduated from a tourist to a tough backpacker to an interesting Storyteller. One who was brimming with stories – a tool to connect with and inspire the mass at large!

The journey had considerably changed me as a person – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Some of the out-of-world experiences were with/at:

  • Red Aryans of Batalik
  • Shangri La (a place that mythically exists but doesn’t have a geographical address)
  • Kutipraveshika (an ayurvedic secret to transform a 80 year old man into a 20 year old boy)
  • Zero Point (the Indian Bermuda Triangle)
  • Yeti (the mystic himalayan man)
  • The Headhunters (tribes that chop off the head of their opponents and hang it at their house entrance)
  • Frog wedding in Varanasi

Maybe a few statistics could try to come a bit closer to those divine experiences:

60000+ Kms / 100+ Cities / 500+ Destinations / 29 States of India /
meeting 150+ unique Personalities; 

resulting into 1000+ Photos, 200+ Stories, 100+ Quotes, 50+ Poems.

To summarize: ‘I set out to travel to find his calling, only to unravel that travel itself was my calling!

Well, that was my saga – one wherein I infuse my experienced stories with a travel character (Awara Banjara) and express them under the pen name of PrakashVaani. A few videos of my explorations are as below:

Trailer of PrakashVaani’s travels across Pan India. Complete documentary will be uploaded soon!

PrakashVaani across all of the 29 States of India

Pre Travel life of PrakashVaani

Am a Management Graduate (MBA from FMS, Delhi University) and an Engineer (B.Tech in Computer Science from NIT Durgapur) with around a decade of professional experience across MNCs – Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC, Yes Bank and Infosys Technologies Limited. Have had other brief stints as a Consultant and entrepreneurial pursuits in Short Films, e-commerce and as a Restaurateur in the past. Apart from this, also happen to be a Yoga enthusiast and a Reiki Master Healer!


I'm Prakash Jha